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La Llorona

La Llorona por Beirut

by on Feb.18, 2010, under La Llorona

Esta canción accutane alternative y video es por el grupo se llama Beirut. Recientemente, Beirut se ha hecho muy popular (desde generic viagra online 2006), mas conocido para su canción “Elephant Gun” que tiene un sonido del este de Europeo, inspirado de un viaje  que tuvo Zach Condon, el líder del grupo. El enero pasado, sin embargo, Cordon hizo un álbum nuevo inspirado por otro experiencia de su vida: su estado nativo. Cordon nació en Nueva México, y su ultimo álbum refleja unas tradiciones de su juventud, incluso la historia de La Llorona. El numero dos del álbum se titula “March of the Zapotec & Realpeople – Holland,” las letras de La Llorona está en ingles, sin embargo son las palabras de un artista influida del icono y la leyenda mexicana. Aquí es parte de una entrevista con Condon (ZC) :

AVC: There’s a song called “La Llorona,” which buy cialis online is the name of a character from an old Latin folk tale, the weeping woman. Which version of her story do you prefer?

ZC: Well, they’re all heartbreaking, and they’re all horrible. The story in New Mexico is that she was rejected by her husband, so she threw her kids in a river, and then was so crazed and upset that she spent the rest of her life looking up and down the arroyos for her children. That was the ghost story told around the campfire to keep the kids out of the riverbeds at night.

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Las Lloronas modernas

by on Feb.16, 2010, under La Llorona

Cuando estaba buscando informacion en la red sobre la leyenda de La Llorona encontre alugnos sitios y blogs sobre Las Lloronas modernas de hoy. Estas “Lloronas” son madres con problemas psicologicos que han matado sus hijos y son bien conocidos en cultura popular hoy en dia. Estas mujeres incluyen Christian Rigggs,  Susan Smith, Bernadette Flores y la bien conocida Andrea Yates. Es muy interesante a pensar en las semejantes entre estas mujeres y La Llorona. Estas mujeres demuestran que la leyenda sobre La Llorona puede ser verdad.

Bernadette Flores
“On October 2, 2002, Bureau of Land Management employees found an abandoned car in the Rio Grande gorge near the town of Pilar, south of Taos. Nearby they discovered the body of a woman face down in the river – apparently a self-inflicted drowning. State Police identified the woman as 32 year old Bernadette Flores. When they notified the mother of Bernadette’s apparent suicide, she inquired where her two grandchildrenwere.

Flores had recently been divorced and was despondent over the inability to care forher children. Checking with other family members and friends, Flores’ two children could not be located. State Police returned to the scene with a search and rescue team. Farther down river, they discovered the bodies of two young children on the river bank. Family members identified the bodies as that of Flores’ 10 month old son Martin, and four year old daughter Kiana.
State Police Lt. Rob Shilling told the news media, “There’s no indication that anyone other than the mother and the children were involved in this incident.” The Office of the Medical Investigator agreed. It surmised Bernadette Flores drowned her two children inthe Rio Grande. Drugs in her system indicated she was highly sedated, allowing her to drown herself in the river. Family members, knowing of Flores’ distraught state, agreed with the findings.

Flores, and her two children, were buried on the Jicarilla Indian
Reservation at Dulce. The old Hispanic community of Pilar sits in a fertile valley along the Rio Grande on the road between Espanola and Taos. They knew well La Llorona had struck again.”

Andrea Yates
“In 1993, Andrea Kennedy married the love of her life, Russell
Yates. Due to their relationship with an extreme fundamentalist
evangelist, they believed they should have as many children as
possible. After four children, Andrea expressed she was exhausted
caring for the children and felt four children was enough.
However, after pressure from her husband and their minister,
Andrea gave birth to another child in 2000.

Andrea went into a deep depression after the birth of her fifth child.
Continued pressure from her husband and minister led her to
believe she and her children were evil, unrighteous, and were
doomed to burn in hell.

On June 20, 2001, Andrea Yates filled the bathtub in their home
and proceeded to drown her five children. She calmly called her
husband at work and told him, “You need to come home … I’ve
done it.” Andrea then called 911 and requested a policeman and

Upon arrival at the Yates home, the police found four dead children
laying on a bed covered with a sheet. The fifth child was still face
down in the bath tub. Drowned by their mother were seven month
old Mary, two year old Luke, three year old Paul, five year old
John, and seven year old Noah.”

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